News For This Month: Services


Moving home is quite a stressful and expensive experience. In the course of the laborious and perplexing moving process, it is important that you make sure that the mover does not overcharge you. A lot of complaints are raised against some moving companies regarding overcharging, theft and damage to property. Prior to entrusting your valuables to people you do not know, first you must do your best to assess for the best moving company in your area as possible. The following are some guidelines to help you select the best moving company in your neighbourhood:

Examine every moving company for quality of service and reliability – Prior to hiring any movers, you should search the Internet to check for recommendations and criticisms on all of the moving company that you are considering. Aside from that, you can also verify with your local or state regulator for any information that may be significant to your search.

Request from every moving company in your shortlist for a written estimate – Some moving companies, especially those which are experts in the moving industry, persist on doing an inspection to give an estimate of the service they are about to make. They will check out your home, make a quick inventory to evaluate the extent of the service they need to render and after all of these, only then will they give a quote. Unreliable companies often make an offer over the phone without any information related to the move. You should be vigilant when dealing with this kind of moving company. Later on, they will add on extra surcharges for those services. Once you are studying the estimates given by different moving companies, see to it that you are comparing oranges to oranges.

Check the insurance provided by the moving company – When a mover from the moving company loses or damages the belongings of a client, they are accountable for it by law. To ascertain that the moving company will be able to make necessary compensations at all times, the law requires them to obtain a special kind of insurance similar to a third-party insurance. The insurance will make sure that the clients will be compensated in the event of accidents in moving their belongings. Moving companies that accept customers without these insurances should be dealt with cautiously. In order to avoid this kind of company, request for a proof that the moving company has acquired the insurance and look at the its inclusions and exclusions. Clients are offered different levels of coverage by moving companies. If you choose not to pay additional for insurance cover, the coverage you will be getting is the baseline protection which is 60 cents for every pound of possession misplaced or damaged.