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Why You Need to Install Gutter Guards to Protect Gutters

When gutters at your home fail to drain water from the roof properly, they affect the walls and other parts of the building. This begins when debris blocks the drainage and cause water to be stagnant which in return facilitates growth of mold on the walls, and water logging. Additionally, debris will collect on the roof and cause clogging. To prevent water damage, you need to install a gutter guard.

First, when you install a gutter guard, it will help you save a great deal of time, money, and energy that could’ve been spent to clean clogged gutters. In the event that you are not good at cleaning or repairing them, you would have called a professional who would have charged you more to get the job done. All these are situations and expenses that gutter guards would have eliminated.

Gutter guards eliminate the need to clean your roofs on a frequent basis. Although you will not entirely alienate your duties to clean gutters after you have installed a gutter guard, you will not clean them as frequently as you would without it. To put it into perspective, without a cover, you would clean your gutter twice or thrice a year, but with it, you would only clean it once every four or 5 years.

A gutter guard will prevent rust from occurring in the gutter. Without a gutter guard, debris and dirt will accumulate in the gutters and create a perfect condition for growth of rust. This is one of the common issues that reduce the longevity of roofs and the drainage systems. Roofs that have gutter guards are protected from these effects meaning that they are capable of lasting longer.

During times of heavy rains and winds, dirt, dust, debris, and leaves get thrown around and land on your roof. Rain pushes them to the gutters and then end up blocking the water from flowing as it should and eventually the drainage blocks. A blocked drainage is very detrimental to your roof as it will affect it in many negative ways. In its worst case, water logging will weaken the walls of your house.

A gutter guard will also prevent wet patches from forming, which provides a perfect environment for molds to thrive and end up causing damages to the roof as well as the gutters and the walls. Molds normally cause all kinds of hygiene problems, hence by installing a good gutter guard, you will have saved your family from the myriad of health problems that accompany molds and similar growth.