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Rope Lighting Uses for Around the Home

Rope lights are extremely versatile and can cheer up or add a bit of mood to nearly anywhere around the house–whether its outside on the patio or inside in your room. Rope lights fit in just about anywhere, so wherever you put them we’re sure they’ll look great–you’re only limited by your imagination. Up to 150 feet long, rope lights are lights that are manufactured in tubes that can be used almost any way you see fit. In general, rope lights contain LED lights, and so they save energy as well as adding a bit of fun. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few common uses: Rope lights can be used to light stairways. At night, nothing is more useful than lighting up your cabinets so you can get that midnight snack without turning on the lights. Rope lights will definitely delight your child and make your child’s room unique. If you add them to your business, they can add to the ambiance and make the patio, or wherever you choose to install them, more attractive and entertaining. Rope lights can even be used in the garden.

The Uses of Rope Lighting in the Backyard

Some of the most common uses of lighted rope can be found in your backyard. For instance, wrapping your rope lights around patio umbrellas or mounting them to your deck adds ambiance that can make your patio or deck even more pleasant. Rope lights aren’t that bright, and they add just enough light to liven up the atmosphere with interrupting your evening. You can also use them to light up walkways or stairs for you and your guests. Rope lighting can also be wrapped around tree trunks, giving them a bit of life, or you can even illuminate the pool area. They also work great in subtly bringing out the contours of windows and buildings around the yard.

How to Install your New LED Lights

LED lights are quite easy to install, and wrapping them around trees, patio umbrellas, and more is not too difficult. In general, you’ll need plastic cable clips, and you’ll nail these into the wall. Finally, you will slide the rope lighting through the rods and around the room, deck, door, or whatever else you are accentuating with the lights. Those are just the basic instructions for installing your rope lights. However, these are just the most basic instructions, and they may vary depending on your specific project. The infinite uses for your lights make it impossible to say just exactly how you will need to have them installed, but it is typically an easy task. However, if it becomes too difficult, there are always design professionals willing to help you out and make sure that what you imagined turns into reality.

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