Buying Craft Materials Online

Ruth asks…

Any good craft ideas to do with my son for Easter?

I want to make Easter crafts with my son but everything I find online ask for a lot of materials. I don’t want to spend 40-60 dollars doing crafts. I don’t mind materials but the ones online are too expensive. Can anyone give me any cheap good craft ideas. I don’t care if they are religious as we believe in Jesus. Thank you for your ideas!

Ben Franklin Crafts answers:

Color Easter eggs and bake some Easter cookies ans mini cup cakes. Let him help decorate them.Then take some to a near by nusing home. That would be a very kind thing to do as many of the folks there don’t have family and friends near by.

Mary asks…

Where can I buy materials for resin jewelry making here in the Philippines?

I’m looking for a store where I can find materials for resin jewelry making such as molds, mold release and the like.

Ben Franklin Crafts answers:

Often you can find supplies for making resin jewelry at craft stores, art supply stores, and sometime hobby stores, as well as finding craft-quality epoxy resin at hardware stores…don’t polyester resins there though–won’t be craft quality.

If you want more than a few molds, or a few types of clear resin and brands of each though, you’ll probably want to go online:

You might also want to check out the info I have on this page at my site re resins–using them, brands, tutorials, examples, etc:

And you might want to read some of my previous answers about resin here at YA for some summarized info in these questions:;_ylt=AqRoGzjtN95Is41Kmm_SHHfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091011042033AAytK0x
releases and molds especially:

Susan asks…

Do I need some kind of permit to participate in a Craft Show?

I am planning on having a table at an up coming craft show, however this will be my first show. Because of that, I need to know if I need to have a vendors license/permit or some other document allowing me to sell my products. Are there any experienced crafters that can help me?

Ben Franklin Crafts answers:

These are two different things:
1) the permission to join the show activity, which some craft shows address in the form of a prejudging (to be sure all vendors are of a similar artistic level). And then the
2) legal tax entity in the form of a wholesale license, reseller’s license, or seller’s permit. You can get one for a short term, like 30 days or as a permanent business.

You’ve already cleared any hurdle regarding #1 if you are welcomed to the show, and please remember that you should never have to pay to get information regarding #2 because this is normal state tax activity.

The object of the game is: The state wants to collect sales tax or otherwise be advised of business operation. The benefit is, that with a wholesalers or sellers’ license, you can purchase your materials at a lower cost and tax free; it can often get you into areas of trade shows that the ordinary purchaser (the retail buyer) has no access. The down side is: welcome to business, you’re now expected to keep records. But this stuff really isn’t that hard.

The laws are different by state – so you will want your own state’s websites, the examples I have (below) are California because that’s were I live. Search on your state’s name and Seller’s Permit.

Seller’s Permits are usually FREE, they can be had for short periods (like 30 days to cover just the one show) or ongoing. The records you keep are simple: what did you buy & what did you sell. You tally total goods sold and pay the sales tax to the state. It’s a form and you write a check. So where did you get the money? Well, as a business – you charge your customers.

And how do you deal with that at the show? You could plan ahead, figuring what you were going to charge, what the tax would be and round up to an currency-even number so making change was not tedious. Whatever price you choose, plan ahead. If you make it easier for customers, it will encourage sales. “Who must obtain a Seller’s Permit?”

California Board of Equalization “Do You Need a California Seller’s Permit?”

For California, where to get the forms (small business center) note the online tutorials on state tax:

CA Seller’s Application form:

Websites like this one, have a lot of general information well beyond the simple Seller’s Permit that you need, but you can go through their checklists and learn something. Please remember, there’s no reason to give them money to file for you – filing is FREE at your own state’s office. Http://

Craft Business: Basics of Getting Started

Federal Tax info – & BTW don’t get scared, lots of people have businesses on the side. If you’re a single entity (not a partnership) all federal tax is on your own tax return just stated as additional income, when it’s over a certain amount, federal tax laws kick in.

Barbra Brabec’s Craft Business website – some good tips

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