Ben Franklin Craft Supplies

Laura asks…

where can i find plastic rolls for cake making here in san jose?

I live in san jose california and I’m trying to find a place to buy supplies for making cakes. Any information is welcomed!!!

Ben Franklin Crafts answers:

Michael’s Crafts carries Wilton’s cake and decorating supplies also see if you have a La Sur Table store in your area. I’m up in the north bay and I know there is a few La Surs in the area. Just google either of these places and go to store locator. Ben Franklin’s is another place to try. Good luck

Lisa asks…

where could my gramma look for quilt ideas?

Ben Franklin Crafts answers:

I would just try searching for “Quilt Patterns”. I bet there are a ton of sites out there dedicated to a million different patterns and ideas! You could also try a fabric store in your area. I know that Jo-Ann’s and Ben Franklin’s Craft Store both carry a lot of books and all of the supplies a quilter needs. Good Luck!!

Maria asks…

Does anyone know where to buy a Price tagging tag gun ?

Ben Franklin Crafts answers:

Try first going to a craft store like Michaels, Ben Franklin Crafts or any large craft store. If They can’t help you then try an office supply store. Either one could probably order one for you. Or try E-Bay. They have everything!

Sharon asks…

I have quite the collection of hotel soaps… What can I do with them? A craft of some sort.?

Ben Franklin Crafts answers:

Don’t throw them away! I hate wasting anything and I think that is awful to just throw something away that is perfectly fine. I think you should buy soap scents and different plastic design soap cups. Melt the soaps, add a little scent to get rid of the hotel smell and make your own soaps! You can get the supplies at Michael’s, Ben Franklin, or any craft store.

Lizzie asks…

where can i find these craft supplies in a store?

Ben Franklin Crafts answers:

Most major craft stores like Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby, Ben Franklin, A.C. Moore, & Tall Mouse. You might even try WalMart in their craft section.

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