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Basement Window Wells: Tips for Installation You should consider getting window wells if you would like to keep the soil away from your window’s foundation and be able to block water while allowing light to the basement. But before you decide to install such, it is vital that you know the local building codes when it comes to basement windows and the installation of these covers. The permit is often required for construction projects. Some of the window wells are actually decorative masonry structures custom-made of concrete blocks or stone. Many people prefer to go with the pre-fabricated window wells constructed from the heavy gauge galvanized steel, which are accessible in various widths and heights. At bare minimum, the window well should be as wide as your windows and should protrude at least 3 feet from the foundation of your wall. It is vital that you find out the elevation for your window wells. Top of well must be at least 6 inches from bottom of siding but 2 to 3 inches above grade most of the time. If you ever plan to install new window wells, then you should dig the ground. Be sure that there are enough room to work so the dimensions of hole must be 2x the depth and size of window well you’re planning to install. There will be some excavation that has to be done as well for the drainage pipe. You should connect current foundation drainage system or run water from the window well away from foundation.
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The excess water might run through window and back to the basement in case that your window well doesn’t drain properly. It’ll be essential to consider as well the construction of your window well with drain that’s connecting to the foundation drain which runs around the perimeter of your house. Make sure that the soil in the wells are few inches below the window’s basement. The soil has to be sloped toward the drain. Cut small sections of drain and then install a “tee” and a riser to your drain connection. Wrap new connections using landscape fabric because this will keep the dirt and debris out.
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Another known approach is by constructing a stone under drainage system. The trench should be slope downhill or perhaps, away from the well. You need to use an inch or even smaller pea gravel or crushed stone as bed for the 4 inch plastic drainage pipe used in collecting water. After that, you have to install solid 4 inches pipe to be able to carry water away from your window wells. It is ideal that you work with the pros to make the installation more effective and efficient.