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Slice Pineapples Easily With Pineapple Corers As of the moment, no one must keep on struggling with the task of preparing pineapples. The advent of modern technology resulted to the development of pineapple corer. Those who discovered it already could effortlessly host a pineapple feast. Corers are basically small apparatus that help you to detach the edible parts of the fruit and its outer skin or core. You’ll never have to use a knife again only to peel this fruit. All you have to do is add a slicer to your collection of kitchen appliances and wouldn’t regret doing this. It will not be necessary to worry on how much cash you have to fork out. With many different gadgets ranging from 9 to 30 dollars only, any family can afford one for sure. Furthermore, investing in one will help you save much of your time. And if you are using high quality pineapple corer, you can finish the job in less than 30 seconds. An ordinary knife efficiency levels are nearly no match to the end result of this and because of that, it makes the slicer a must have kitchen accessory for almost every household. Even if your family does not consume pineapples that often, you will find the proper use of the corer one day. And to be specific, you are going to find this essential if you have some guests coming over. Not only that, a cutter is always a great appliance for serious chefs and home cooks. The slicer can get recipe rings ready within few minutes and help you succeed in whatever you are cooking.
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In case that you do not host a tropical themed feasts, maybe one of your friends or colleagues does, did you know that corers make an excellent gift idea? Literally, these are just simple devices but they can mean a lot to your friends. Therefore, you should not have any doubts in buying such lovely gadget for them. Whether you believe it or not, buying pineapple corers are going to benefit you as well as the entire family a lot. It’s user friendly and all you need to do is cut the top and bottom part of the fruit. Once you are done, the next thing you should do is push the handheld gadget to the fruit’s interior until reaching the bottom.
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With this, you will be able to remove as much edible flesh from the pineapple as possible. Furthermore, this helps you to create beautiful and lovely slices or rings out of the pineapple. Apart from that, these rings appear to be uniformly and accurate in sized, which is something that can’t be easily achieved when using a knife.