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Sandra asks…

help me Limbert arts&crafts Furniture Grand Rapids and Holland?

I bought a mahogony dressing table at a yard sale it measures 34″X19″ & is 29″ tall it has one long drawer across the top spindle legs with a dainty rail around three sides on the bottom, and has a tri-fold mirror{needs repair to wood} the table is in excellent cond. with the original hardware and no damage to carvings.Without the tri-fold mirror it looks like a ladies writing desk.I don’t think the finish on top is original it is in such good shape it must have been refinished but they did a good job.Inside is branded LINBERTS ARTS & CRAFTS FURNITURE GRAND RAPIDS AND HOLLAND. Can anyone tell me where to look to find the value? I found lots of history about the maker and I know this furniture is mentioned with the same respect as STICKELY any help will be greatly appreciated will be happy to send pic’s thanks,L.S

Ben Franklin Crafts answers:

I have a numbered marked dining room suite..10 pieces
made by the Grand Rapids chair company

if you can fine anyone who wants one..let me know

Susan asks…

Do anyone know where there is a consignment store that sell arts and crafts?

I looking to sell my art and crafts products through a store but I don’t where the consignment stores are. I already look at Google. I found shops for clothes and furniture. I will be able to sell a few of my items through a furniture and some my other items through clothing store, but I looking a place to sell all my item through one store.

I will be selling light switch cover designs, artworks and jewelry and more.

Ben Franklin Crafts answers:

Most art & craft galleries/shop sell much of their stock on commission. Find an outlet that suits your own work and contact them to show them a sample of your work.

Sandy asks…

What is the best color scheme to use on walls and bedding for honey colored bedroom furniture? crafts style and is a light honey color. I am getting ready to redo the bedroom and have no idea what color to use on bedding and the walls. We just did the living room in blues and now I am thrown for a loop trying to figure out what colors to use for the bedroom. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Ben Franklin Crafts answers:

Try out the light colours…the look will be really gr8…with adjustable lghts it vll b even more better, fr colour combinations u can search online sites vch vll help u better..

Laura asks…

What were the factors influencing design trends of the arts and craft movement?

what were the factors influencing design trends of the arts and craft movement in the 19th and 20th centuries

Ben Franklin Crafts answers:

The Arts and Crafts movement arose during the ?rst world-wide depression.Born in England during the late 19th century, the movement spread throughoutWestern Europe and as far as Russia, Australia, and the United States beforebeing e?ectively annihilated by the First World War. While remnants of themovement survived the War, never again would its techniques and ideologyresonate as strongly. The conventional story of the movement’s birth is wellknown: reacting to the degradation of human labor accompanying the rise ofindustrial capitalism, Ruskin, Morris, and their compatriots sought to recoverthe romance and dignity of craftsmanship by reinvoking the spirit of a bygoneera wherein artisans, working side by side, created art with their hands ratherthan producing commodities as part of a machine. Reacquainting work withgrace would reintroduce meaning to labor. And realized as home and furniture,housewares and decor—what has been called the “stu? Of life”—the Arts andCrafts movement would restore beauty to the world.

As the movement spread from country to country, it attracted a diverse groupof practitioners. Some joined with the movement’s founders, eschewing indus-trial production and returning to traditional craftsmanship, standing againstcapitalism and joining the blossoming socialist program. Others departed fromthe founding ideologies in one or more ways: declining the socialist call, toler-ating or embracing the machine, abiding or encouraging the commercializationof one’s craft. More overtly, a variety of styles and design techniques emerged.

While many have recognized the diversity found within the Arts and Craftsmovement, few have sought to understand it. Typically, artistic movements arede?ned by a particular aesthetic style. But the Arts and Crafts are not de?ned as such. Aesthetic styles varied within countries, across countries, and over time.A recent Los Angeles County Museum of Art retrospective, The Arts and CraftsMovement in Europe and America, 1880–1920: Design for the Modern World,was the ?rst exhibition devoted to exploring and appreciating how various coun-tries adapted and transformed the ideals of the movement “to suit their ownnational identities and economic needs amid rapid industrialization.”

Typically it is said that the design of an object should re?ect its nature and purpose.While elaborate ornament is characteristic of the Arts and Crafts movement, “it does not embellish it unduly or make it look like something else.”

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