Making Sea Glass Jewelry

There are many people selling sea glass jewelry today. Some use simple wire and beading found at craft stores like Michael’s or A.C. Moore, and others are true jewelry artisans who use beach glass in creations with gold, silver and semi precious gems.

If you don’t live near an area where you can collect your own glass, you can always purchase it on line.  Just make sure that you’re buying from a reputable dealer.  Of course, if you do your own collecting your profits will be much higher than if you have to buy the glass. It may be worth your while to pay for drilled sea glass.  That way you don’t have to bother drilling it.  Drilling takes time and patience, and also calls for the purchase of a Dremel type of drill with a drill press, and drill bits. It’s easy to break sea glass while drilling, so pre-drilled is something to consider.

Once you have obtained the beach glass, you’ll want to take advantage of one of the many you tube videos guides on how to wire wrap sea glass.
The sky is the limit to your creativity when making sea glass jewelry.