Four Types of Bathroom Lighting to Choose From When Remodeling

A bathroom remodel often consists of making the bathroom bigger, replacing the sink, or putting in a new toilet or tub. Many people do not take a second look at the lights. Changing the lights in the bathroom can drastically change the entire look and feel of the room, making it a worthwhile remodeling decision. While one person may opt to make the lights brighter, another may want dim light so it isn’t as bright in the morning. Lighting options come in three types for the bathroom.

Rustic Lighting

A popular choice for lighting is the rustic option. A rustic bathroom gives people the feeling of being in a log cabin or on a fun retreat. Even if the decor does not yet match the rustic theme, adding rustic lighting can quickly take it there. The lighting fixtures are often made of copper, and can be designed like vines, pine trees, or deer antlers.

Modern Lighting

Someone looking to update their bathroom may want to consider modern lights. These lights are often designed with a sleek look that makes it contemporary and new. Many are made of chrome or nickel, which provides a shiny, silver, look.

Traditional Lighting

Traditional lighting is the most common option. Many homes come with basic lighting with a simple look. If homeowners want to keep this traditional feel in their bathroom, they can simply upgrade to a different style. It still gives them the traditional lighting, yet they get an upgrade.

Wrought Iron Lighting

Wrought iron is another popular choice for bathroom lighting since it provides a combination of all lighting types. Depending on which type of bathroom it is placed in, wrought iron can either enhance the rustic look and feel, or it can add to the traditional or modern look the owner was going for.

Before any homeowner decides to have their bathroom remodeled, they should consider all aspects they want upgraded, with lighting included in the consideration. With four unique types of lighting options, everyone can receive the exact type of lighting they desire. From a rustic feel, to traditional lights, wrought iron lighting, or a modernized look, a remodel will give each homeowner the bathroom look they were going for.