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Getting Sewer Line Repairs: Causes and Types

If you suddenly have drain problems or if you see stains on and around the foundation of your house, they can all be signs that you need to get your sewer line repaired. You can quickly get into a whole lot trouble, and unless you do something immediately, prepare yourself for a very costly undertaking. Whether you house has an existing septic system or is connected to the municipal sewer system, the advisable thing to do is to call in a plumber the minute you see indicators of trouble if you want to avoid racking up outrageous repair bills in the future.

What Are the Possible Causes of Sewer Line Damage

Clogs in the lines themselves are the usual root cause of sewer line damage. What most homeowners typically do when they encounter this issue is to pour strong chemicals into the lines to dissolve the blockage. However, this is not a permanent solution because they could be doing a lot more damage by using such chemicals. Older houses have clay pipes that are composed of porous materials which may also be dissolved by the chemicals used and cause the pipe greater damage.

When trees are planted too close to the foundation of a house, damage may sometimes arise because the tree roots get attracted to the water source inside the sewer pipes. The roots grow and ball up inside the pipe and totally block the water movement. Sewer line damage is also caused by ground movement, especially when it bends the pipes at an angle that discourages proper drainage, causing the water to accumulate within the pipes and eventually leaking out into the foundation.

What Are Your Options?

The first thing you should do is to put down the drain cleaners and let the professionals handle the work. A good plumber will quickly identify the source of the issue, plan out the necessary repair measures, and get it fixed, usually within a day. Sewer pipes that were installed inside the house contain clean out plugs that make it easier to look for clogs, without digging up the ground around the house to look for pipes.

If the issue, however, appears to be caused by a problematic septic tank, then digging and reconstruction would have to be done to replace the pipes. These are easily avoid by regular inspection of the pipes.

Kinds of Repairs

Minor repairs for issues like pipes cracking due to pressure or ground shifting can mean simply recoating the inside of the pipe with epoxy. Short pipes may be replaced by expert plumbers within one day. Simple clogs can be removed by power rodders.

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