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The Six Types of Locksmith Services When people think about a locksmith’s job, they tend to picture someone who is only skilled at making and repairing locks and keys. This impression may have been brought about by the fact that becoming a locksmith does not require formal education. As modern day’s technological advancements changed the nature and types of locks, locksmiths now have a wider scope of duties. This article will list and explain some of the common services a locksmith can provide for you. Residential Functions
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The type of locksmith that most often comes to mind as well as the one that is easily accessible to most people is the residential locksmith. They tackle issues common to households, such as when a homeowner loses or misplaces the keys to his house. The residential locksmith’s typical clients are those who live in private homes, apartment complexes, or condominiums. Their usual task is to alter the locking system of the house’s main door and to create a new set of keys for it. Residential locksmiths can also, upon prompting, recommend the perfect home security system for their clients’ homes.
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Commercial Functions For shops, offices, and schools, the right man for the job is the commercial locksmith. He ensures the security of a larger building by installing appropriate security solutions such as an access system for hundreds of employees. One example would be the installation of a unique lock coded system found in many large buildings today. Institutional Locksmith The duties of the institutional and commercial locksmiths mostly overlap, but diverge on one key point. Commercial locksmiths often do freelance work and are paid based on a contractual or hourly rate. The commercial locksmith, on the contrary, becomes a regular employee of the company. He will also be assigned tasks as the company’s employee and it may or may not be related to locksmithing. Forensic Services A forensic locksmith performs critical work in a very invigorating field of locksmithing. Forensic locksmiths aid the investigation of criminal cases. They use a special set of tools which aid them in discovering how a car or home was broken into or stolen. Their specialize abilities help the police force and other law enforcement bodies solve crimes. Auto Locksmith The auto or car locksmiths save the day for people who have been locked out of their cars. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable in working with all types of vehicle locks and keys. Emergency Locksmith Emergency locksmiths are typically on call 24/7 and they usually have to deal with emergency situations, such as when an intruder has compromised a house’s security system. Because their services are called upon by homeowners who were victimized by thieves or burglars and who need replacement locks immediately, emergency locksmiths are also called mobile locksmiths.