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The ability of one to protect himself or herself from any damage is self-defense. Self defense does not, however, involve beating up one entirely or taking one out. Usually self-defense consists of the use of physical force, for example, martial arts. Deterring any attack from happening is the most crucial step in preventing harm. These may be through trying to talk an attacker out any possible use of force. Self defense products also help prevent an attack

Countering attacks or any use of force may be to use self-defense products. Self defense products can work where a victim does not show signs of having any martial arts skills. If one is attacked by a vast male person they can use self-defense products to help them prevent injury.

Carrying specific self-defense products such as firearms are allowed but also limited by the court of respective states. Restrictions are part of the deal in the acquisition of firearms as a method of self-defense. Not all countries encourage people to possess and use guns not only if the people in question are state officers.

The use of pepper sprays, batons stunt guns among others are examples of non-lethal self-defense products.

The primary users of pepper sprays include women and children. This is because of the common belief that both are weaker members of the society The pepper spray works to cause pain, tears and temporary blindness through its main component. One therefore can survive an impending attack if an attacker suffers such consequences.

The the main component of a baton may either be rubber, wood, metal or plastic. Batons are mainly used by military personnel or anti-riot law enforcement officers. The rod is highly efficient when used on one’s head. One is knocked unconscious by cerebral concussions thus giving the victim a chance to free oneself from harm. Its weight usually causes pain to anyone who intends harm. Severe brain damage or death may be the effect of excessive use of force of a baton.

Among the many types of sticks there are the blackjacks, the expandable rods as well as side handle batons. Side handle batons are those with a short side handle at a right angle from the main shaft. Those that have a leather-wrapped lead weight attached to it are the blackjacks.

Some rods such as the telescopic batons contain a cylindrical shaft which comprises of a few inner cylinders which lock into each other when expanded.

These self-defense products among many others can be found in most online shopping shops such as TBO Tech which specializes in high-quality self-defense products. It is therefore essential if not compulsory for anyone who feels threatened, to possess and use any self-defense products for his/her safety.
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