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Ben Franklin is a chain of five and dime discount stores found in small towns throughout the United States currently owned by Promotions Unlimited. They are organized using a franchise system, with individual stores owned by independent proprietors. It was perhaps the first retail franchise, starting in 1927. They are named after Benjamin Franklin, taking a cue in their merchandise offerings from Franklin’s saying, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”


The chain originated in Boston in 1877 as Butler Brothers, a mail-order wholesaler selling general and variety-store items. At the turn of the twentieth century, Butler Brothers had over 100,000 customers in the United States. The rise of variety stores, which were taking their market, led the company to found the Ben Franklin stores chain. It sold this chain in 1959. At Ben Franklin’s peak the chain had 2,500 stores nationwide.

Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton made his start in retailing as an operator of a Ben Franklin store. In 1973, Michael J. Dupey converted a Ben Franklin store to start the Michaels chain in Texas.

Duke & Ayres

Ben Franklin Stores purchased Texas retailer Duke & Ayres in the early 1970s. Duke & Ayres was a chain of 5 and 10 cent stores based in Dallas, Texas, with stores that were located throughout the state from approximately 1910 to 1990.


The chain had functioned largely as a wholesaler of variety and craft merchandise sold to its franchisees under the name Ben Franklin Retail Stores Inc. In the early 1990s, however, it began opening stores of its own. Those stores were not successful and their financial problems ultimately interfered with the chain’s ability to deliver goods to its franchisees, 860 locally owned stores in 47 states. The company went bankrupt and closed these stores in 1996-1997.

Promotions Unlimited

Promotions Unlimited had stepped in as a supplier for many Ben Franklin franchisees during the corporation’s descent into bankruptcy. It acquired the name of the chain in 1997 as the old corporate entity was moving into Chapter 7. It has continued operating as a distributor servicing individual franchisees and advertising the products sold there through direct mail services and newspaper inserts. The chain comprises about 209 craft stores and 123 variety stores, the latter being akin to five and dimes. Promotions Unlimited provides similar advertising and promotional services for thousands of other retail stores unaffiliated with Ben Franklin Stores.

Retail focus

Ben Franklin Crafts stores carry creative products like needlecrafts, florals, wicker, paints, fabrics, yarn, and offer services like custom framing, craft classes, and the Ben Franklin Crafts Club.

The company logo, a key giving off a spark, refers to Franklin’s famous experiment to prove that lightning was a form of electricity using a key suspended from a kite.

How Can Alcoholism Affect Your Life?

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There is a general misconception that alcoholism really only affects you if you can’t “handle” the drink. The truth is that many of the people who are hit hardest by alcoholism are those who can handle it, who can hide it and keep the problem from seeing the light of day.

People with drinking problems often develop habits to hide the addiction, things like packing the garbage with newspaper so that the bottles don’t clink around when you take it to the dumpster.

Even assuming that a drinker never gets behind the wheel of the car, assuming that they never drink in such a way to embarrass themselves in front of friends and family, that they never drink before work, that it doesn’t compromise their income or their personal relationships, the effects of daily drinking on the liver and the body are nevertheless reason enough to consider alcohol rehab

In fact, cirrhosis is one of the leading causes of death among heavy drinkers with 10 to 15 percent of heavy drinkers developing the condition. Drunk driving related fatalities don’t rank anywhere near cirrhosis on the list of alcohol related deaths.

But then, it’s a mistake to think of the problem with alcoholism only in terms of when you’re going to die. It’s easy to think “Well I have the rest of my life to quit, why bother doing it now?” It’s not about how long you are going to live, but what you’re going to do in the years you have left, what you’re able to do, and how you’re going to spend your life.

With a healthy liver and presence of mind, a world of possibilities will open up. It’s not just a matter of quitting drinking so that you can play in your office’s softball team or so you can bicycle to work, the physical ability that you can recover by quitting alcohol makes it easier to fall asleep at night, easier to get out of bed in the morning, easier to walk to the store for a few groceries, easier to move your furniture around and easier to breathe, move and simply live.

Alcohol rehab is not about prolonging life. If you only want to prolong your own life, get on the list for a liver transplant so that you’re covered if worse comes to worst. Quitting drinking is about improving your life from the ground up. In body, in mind, in spirit, and in your personal and private life, what comfort alcohol gives you, it takes from you in equal measure.

Discovering The Truth About Remodels

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How to Maintain and Care for Kitchens One of the busiest rooms around the home is the kitchen. It is a special type of room where all meals are prepared. Apart from meal preparation, kitchens house kitchen tools and equipment. Examples of kitchen tools and equipment include spoons, pans, refrigerators, microwave, cooking sticks, dishes and bowls. The usefulness of these tools and equipment is during meal preparation. Being a center for meal preparation, kitchens need to maintain high standards of cleanliness. As a matter of fact, what comes from the kitchen goes directly to your stomach. A healthy living is a guarantee once you take clean meals. Since the subject of kitchens is diverse, this article will give you tips of maintaining a clean kitchen 24/7. All the leftovers should be collected immediately once family members complete taking their meals. Note that such sites favor thriving of pests for example cockroaches. Apart from causing disturbances, pests are capable of triggering diseases. Therefore, once the meals are done, it is important to wrap leftovers neatly and discard in the rubbish bins. The aim of wrapping leftovers is to prevent pests from accessing them. Note that dustbins should be covered with lids all the time. Ensuring that food is covered in the kitchen is essential. Covering food prevents spillage, dirt inhabitation and germs. Remains of food should be put in plastic cans, covered and kept in the refrigerators. Since food refrigeration is a sensitive process, keenness should be observed. You should also know that covering food prevents food poisoning especially from pests. It is so easy for a poisoned pest such as mice to get into contact with uncovered food. As a result, eating the same food may case food poisoning. As this may lead to death, this becomes very dangerous. Cleaning kitchens on a regular basis maintains high levels of neatness. Kitchen cleaning encompasses all the items in the kitchen surrounding. These include the floor, cabinets, utensils, equipment such as refrigerators and so on. Special attention should be given to electrical gargets. Electrical shock may arise in case water gets into contact with these gadgets. Also, the immediacy rule should be employed. This rule dictates that, after all meals, utensils should be cleaned immediately. One trait about pests is that they love inhabiting in dirty places. The other regulations pays particular interest to spillages. Liquids and solids should be cleaned immediately once they spill in the kitchen.
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One should also observe that, kitchen maintenance also includes kitchen updates. This is because, as time advances so does the need of a bigger and better kitchen. As a result, the need to update your kitchen as technology advances becomes significant.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Kitchens
Tools and equipment used in the kitchen are being advanced to make meal preparation easier and faster.

The Beginners Guide To Fixtures (What You Need To Know To Get Started)

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Pros of Using LED Lights In Home Lighting Having a comfortable home is priceless. People go to great extents to decorate their interior and exteriors. This effort to bring comfort is well due, since if one is uncomfortable in their own home, it is hard to know where else they might be comfortable. In an effort to create a beautiful atmosphere designers employ a combination of color, lighting and architecture when styling. Many different techniques exist when using lighting to enhance your home’s atmosphere. The beauty of a home is way more than just the structure of the house. In addition to this, people also use a variety of different lights in their home. This is used to produce a variety of effects. LED lights are steadily becoming more and more popular in home lighting because of their advantages. Some of the Benefits of LED lights are highlighted below. They are Highly Durable LED lights have the ability to stand the roughest conditions. LED lights employ excellent components that allow them to resist all sorts of impact. In most cases, they are used as an outdoor lighting system in home lighting because they can be exposed to rough weather such as heavy rain or wind without getting destroyed easily.
Getting Down To Basics with Fixtures
Environmental Friendly
What Research About Options Can Teach You
With so much happening relating to environmental awareness and conservation one way of helping is by using LED lights. Older forms of bulbs use materials such as mercury, and this can be dangerous to the environment. LED lights do not contain any dangerous chemicals and are perfect for home lighting. Because of this, they help reduce carbon footprint by nearly a third. Uses Energy Efficiently This form of lighting is very efficient when it comes to saving and utilizing energy. 80% of the energy available is saved when one is using LED lighting. Compared to conventional lights that only saves 20% of the available energy, this form of lighting is much better. Low voltage is used up when these lights are in use. This is an advantage that makes it possible to use them in remote or rural areas. Lighting up your house using these kinds of bulbs helps you incur very little cost when it comes to paying your electricity bill. They Have a Long Lifespan These characteristics is not similar to durability. The time taken by the bulb before it goes off naturally is what is referred to as its lifespan. Unlike standard lights, which burn out and stop working, LED lights have lighting diodes that are able to emit lower output levels, which can last for up to 22 years. This means that they do not just stop working they instead become a bit dim. It is important to consider a few factors when choosing a home lighting system. Lighting that is cost effective is recommended. You definitely want a lighting system that can provide aesthetics, but at the same time have a durable quality.

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A Guide For Buying LED Lighting Equipment It is critical to choose the best lighting equipment, if you want your home to have a glowing look and an amazing ambience. Good lighting is known to bring good mood and energy whether you are home or the office. You should consider including modern lighting equipment into your home.One of those lighting technologies that are growing in popularity is LED lighting. This type of lighting offers better illumination thus offer better ambience and appearance. For example, when used at the office,LED lights have been found to be very helpful in improving employees focus and attention. When you install these lights at your workplace, your workers won’t feel dreamy or sleepy. Also this type of lighting has been found to be very helpful in relieving stress. However, it is highly suggested that the lights are set up properly if you want to enjoy better illumination. But how do you choose the right LED lighting fixtures yet you don’t know how they work. One, it’s crucial to know that these lights appear in different shapes and sizes. Also, they come with different luminosity, wattage and guarantees. As a result, it means that various options are available for customers to choose. It is essential to look at your needs first before you decide to buy LED lighting. Before you select any lighting fixture ensure that you check your homes d?cor and the size of your room. You should also know why you are installing the new lighting fixtures. There exist plenty of companies who can customize your lighting equipment. However, such companies can meet your request only of you buy in bulk. As such, if your residence needs lots of lighting equipment, then its highly suggested that you get in touch with a manufacturer. LED technology is the perfect bet, if you are searching for quality bulbs to transform your home. If you are acquiring LED lights the first time, then consider these factors.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Fixtures
Confirm Wattage
The Essential Laws of Lights Explained
Having information about wattage is crucial when choosing lighting fixtures. If your goal is to reduce power consumption in the home, then it is advisable to go for bulbs with lower wattage. Depending on your needs however, you could go for bulbs with higher watts. Luminosity Looking at the level of glow is also an important aspect to take into consideration when buying LED lights. Your selection should be guided by the size of your room and your home’s d?cor.Ideally,you should select bulbs that are not only bright but also ones that consume less power. Warranty You should only purchase bulbs that have some form warranty so that in case there’s an issue you can always get a replacement. Heat Capability The ideal thing is to pick lighting fixtures with lower heat capability. This means that the bulbs consume less energy. You’ll pay less power bills if your bulbs consumer less electricity.

Handling A Dead Tooth Together With The Aid Of A Dental Practitioner

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There are quite a few main reasons why teeth could die, and a person might not generally notice they’ve got a dead tooth. It really is normal for a dead tooth to occur as a result of any sort of accident that’s serious enough in order to harm the blood vessels at the basis of the tooth, however a dead tooth could also arise from undue stress on a tooth which causes it to be pushed. When the tooth dies, it could bring about an abscess, which will certainly require being taken care of right away. There are two alternatives for the treating of a dead tooth.

The easiest method to be able to deal with a dead tooth is to simply cover it up to hide the darker coloration. This is generally done by using a crown and could be a simple strategy for getting rid of the appearance of the dead tooth. It will not, on the other hand, remove the tooth itself so the potential for an infection remains. The crown is going to go over the coloration of the tooth and could be designed to coordinate the precise shade of white of the other teeth therefore absolutely no one can tell that the tooth might be dead.

A different way to cope with a dead tooth is to have it eliminated or have a root canal performed. Throughout a root canal, the tooth is filed down and then changed with filling and then covered with a crown. The appearance is actually exactly like the aforementioned alternative, yet the tooth will not be present and therefore there will not be as much of a possibility of illness taking place. In case the tooth is completely taken off, it can be exchanged with an implant developed to match the current teeth. With these two choices, there probably will not be any kind of way to tell a person has had dental care work done.

If perhaps you may have a dead tooth, or else you think you could, check out this page as well as this dental info to be able to get more info. You might in addition want to take a look at this web-site page to be able to acquire far more information on dead teeth as well as exactly what can be achieved in order to fix them. Whenever you might be all set, schedule an appointment with your current dental professional in order to go ahead and get rid of the dead tooth to ensure you will not have to stress about an infection or pain. Start taking good care of your own teeth now to be able to make certain you’re as healthy as possible and also to be able to make certain you won’t suffer from disease or perhaps pain because of postponing the dental care check-up.

Qualities Of Any Fantastic Leader Within A Fast Paced Company

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The main element when it comes to managing a productive company is hiring a solid leading team. Good leaders foster a nice working atmosphere. No matter if that environment is a calm business office or possibly a busy medical facility, it will take a fantastic supervision crew to make certain every staff will feel highly valued for the job they generally do simply because each and every occupation, regardless of how small or large, is essential. Staff which really feel respected are more inclined to make the utmost effort every single day. They’re going to arrive at the job punctually and are not going to whine once the boss asks them to do something that isn’t part of their job description. There is a difference between a supervisor and a leader. Leaders motivate staff to do an admirable job everyday. They will truly appreciate workers as well as show them regard. When they have an issue, employees will go to their leader and look forward to find a solution. In fact, these details are generally the reasons why workers remain at these businesses for a number of years and speak highly of the business in public. On the flip side, bosses deal with their workforce. They view individuals who work on their behalf as devices to help do the job. Flexibility is not a character trait associated with managers. They don’t really invigorate workers to do anything greater than satisfy the lowest specifications for the job, get money and then depart for the day. Personnel turnover is generally high in companies that employ supervisors instead of leaders. Personnel rapidly learn they cannot have a conversation with their boss to get advice or guidance dealing with a difficulty. Since staff members generally do not remain with the organization for long enough to allow them to be elevated, this dangerous pattern carries on until finally an organization director acknowledges the problem plus takes actions to modify the situation. Administrators could be developed into leaders using the right instruction in addition to support. They could try this Recommended Reading to get started on the path to possibly be an effective leader and earn the respect in their team. Recurring education and teamwork activities may be essential to be sure the right leaders happen to be in positions connected with influence throughout the firm. With this particular staff into position, companies that previously previously had issues such as reduced staff spirits and high turnover can completely transform straight into prosperous businesses.

Make Safety Steps Your Staff Can Certainly Follow

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Possessing a low risk work area is important to the business’s sustained good results. Worker incidents may cause significant financial difficulty to a business and many of the businesses with your industry which have been forced to close down were actually seriously affected by unintentional injuries. The good news is, there is an efficient approach in order to avoid many incidents while keeping your company working well. The correct answer is a safe work method statement. You will need to spend some time in the early days of the business to formulate a safe practices plan to ensure that your future staff members are fully aware of precisely how to carry out his or her duties and lower the potential risk of personal injury. To be able to get the job done appropriately, employees must know the proper sequence of tasks essential to maintain safety. By offering this valuable information to them in writing and also making sure that they know the actions prior to they begin doing work, you are able to minimize the likelihood of personal injuries on the work site. A lot of small business owners produce their particular swms however they before long learn that the procedure is extremely cumbersome. Selecting somebody who will not be connected to the company in order to compose it may well help you save time however in the long term, you are going to be required to do so much enhancing and revising, it might not be worth the cost. The good news is, there may be another option. With a company that knows the special specifications associated with entrepreneurs and understands how to create a comprehensive safe work method statement, you can find materials you want rapidly so you’ll be able to hire your initial staff immediately. As you look for a provider, pay a visit to Face the facts, setting up your very own work method statement is not really simple. Nevertheless, if you are able to start with a template that features everything essential for basic safety and compliance purposes, you may invest a lot less time writing and much more effort running your organization. Having a choice of selecting a design created just for your business, you can expect to spare much more effort. An efficient safe work method statement template can ensure that you don’t miss any specific actions with the tasks and procedures and that you write your safe practices plan in a manner that will be easy to understand for your staff members. This will make certain they are prepared to follow the program and won’t feel the need to do their own thing and undermine their own safety on the work site. Most personnel really feel safer whenever they understand specifically the way that they are expected to finish their duties. With a reliable associate on your power team which will not just supply you with a design to generate your guidelines, but can be available to respond to your concerns as you fill the blanks, you can be assured to possess a concluded product suitable to be able to present for the purpose of government deals.

Actively Caring For Skin Area Can Produce A Significant Difference

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Females who would like beautiful complexions must preserve their skin healthier. Healthy skin area is often clear and has a radiance other folks are not able to help but observe. Maintaining the skin thoroughly clean as well as healthy and balanced cuts down on the necessity for a great deal of make-up and allows natural elegance to exhibit. There are a few crucial methods which should be included in every single woman’s healthy skin care practice. Initially, it is necessary to safeguard sensitive pores and skin from the sun. Direct sunlight has become the most dangerous factor on face and neck pores and skin. It can do much more problems compared to unnecessary makeup products or perhaps never trying to keep your face washed. Sunscreen should be used on all revealed facial skin to prevent premature maturing in addition to cancer of the skin. Throughout long periods of exposure to the sun, the sunscreen needs to be reapplied every single 2 hours. A different way to care for the facial skin is always to steer clear of practices that can harm the skin. As well as laying in the sun, people who actually want to keep their facial skin seeming as young for so long as possible need to avoid cigarette smoking. The physical behavior of smoking plus the harmful toxins in tobacco are extremely damaging to the fragile skin on the neck and face. Those who smoked previously yet stopped for health reasons or perhaps to protect against more harm to their facial skin will find specifics of how they can potentially reverse a lot of the harm to their look on A healthy diet plan can also be important to experiencing excellent skin area. Of all the Skin care tips, this could be the most significant. Ingesting organic foods instead of processed food is the best way to nourish the skin. Even though many many people hurry from a single process to another and do not have a lot of time to take a seat to have a home made dish daily, it is important to choose healthful snack food items during the day to help keep facial skin from featuring aging signs early. Click here for further approaches to feed facial skin while keeping it appearing young for many years. Incorporating selected solutions into the morning skincare regimen might shield your skin from toxic compounds within the natural environment and sustain its vibrant glow.

A Fun Birthday Celebration Suggestion

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If your youngster is going to be having their birthday celebration soon, you ought to propose a Karaoke Party. They will have an enjoyable time singing together with their friends plus absolutely everyone is actually going to love the gathering.

This could be an excellent gathering meant for virtually any age category and all you will need is a Music Player plus a place to prepare. After the friends start arriving, they are able to pick out music they would like to sing out and have a great time singing alongside all the others. You can even have fun playing some tunes which everybody can sing out as a group to truly be sure everyone is having an excellent time. Snack foods and additionally treats might be more than merely pizza plus soda. You are able to include music note formed cookies or maybe food products which might be talked about inside several of the tunes they will perform. To take it farther, each kid can also wear a costume as their preferred music performer so they can really love his or her amount of time in the spot light singing their preferred tunes.

In the event that you are looking for an outstanding special event suggestion for a little one, don’t forget to consider having a musical get together which includes them as well as their friends as the superstars. Everyone is going to like the bash and thus your youngster’s most likely going to adore how it turned out to be.

Useful Information On Ways To Live Longer

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Many people feel concerned that they are not going to be able to live a long life. Although there are many things which are unavoidable and can reduce a person’s life, there is certainly still quite a lot an individual may implement in order to live even longer and lead a much healthier life. The majority of websites recommend the individual begins simply by eating much healthier as well as working on additional exercises. This will do a lot towards aiding an individual become far healthier, however these are certainly not the only real things an individual may undertake to enhance their life as well as enable them to live even longer.

Sleep is critical because it provides the body the opportunity to recover from the day’s efforts. If a person exercises and also eats healthy however isn’t getting enough rest, they may see they are having trouble reaching their objectives. It may also make it far more difficult for the person to eat healthy as they will not have all the energy to cook a fantastic meal or even far more challenging for them to workout because they won’t feel ready for a strenuous exercise regimen if they are exhausted. By ensuring they obtain sufficient sleep each night, a person will have more energy and thus be ready to carry out almost everything they require to be able to make certain they really are eating as well as doing exercises sufficiently.

Yet another thing individuals are able to do to be able to help them to live even longer is usually to make sure they’re taking in the appropriate nutrients. Lots of people don’t get sufficient daily vitamins and they usually will not realize it. If they’re taking in the right nutrients and vitamins, their natural immunity will likely be much better and also they will see they may have a lot more energy. Something someone might wish to accomplish is actually adjust their diet plan to make certain they are getting adequate vitamins and minerals in. They might furthermore want to begin to take dietary supplements in the event that they find it’s hard to get in every one of the nutrients they really need.

These are simply some of the things people are capable of doing to be able to help them live even longer as well as live a far healthier life. You can visit this site right here to get more guidelines on how to live a lot longer. If you continue reading this, make sure you take note of These Details so you can acquire all the details you’ll need to enhance your life and your health.