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Ben Franklin is a chain of five and dime discount stores found in small towns throughout the United States currently owned by Promotions Unlimited. They are organized using a franchise system, with individual stores owned by independent proprietors. It was perhaps the first retail franchise, starting in 1927. They are named after Benjamin Franklin, taking a cue in their merchandise offerings from Franklin’s saying, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”


The chain originated in Boston in 1877 as Butler Brothers, a mail-order wholesaler selling general and variety-store items. At the turn of the twentieth century, Butler Brothers had over 100,000 customers in the United States. The rise of variety stores, which were taking their market, led the company to found the Ben Franklin stores chain. It sold this chain in 1959. At Ben Franklin’s peak the chain had 2,500 stores nationwide.

Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton made his start in retailing as an operator of a Ben Franklin store. In 1973, Michael J. Dupey converted a Ben Franklin store to start the Michaels chain in Texas.

Duke & Ayres

Ben Franklin Stores purchased Texas retailer Duke & Ayres in the early 1970s. Duke & Ayres was a chain of 5 and 10 cent stores based in Dallas, Texas, with stores that were located throughout the state from approximately 1910 to 1990.


The chain had functioned largely as a wholesaler of variety and craft merchandise sold to its franchisees under the name Ben Franklin Retail Stores Inc. In the early 1990s, however, it began opening stores of its own. Those stores were not successful and their financial problems ultimately interfered with the chain’s ability to deliver goods to its franchisees, 860 locally owned stores in 47 states. The company went bankrupt and closed these stores in 1996-1997.

Promotions Unlimited

Promotions Unlimited had stepped in as a supplier for many Ben Franklin franchisees during the corporation’s descent into bankruptcy. It acquired the name of the chain in 1997 as the old corporate entity was moving into Chapter 7. It has continued operating as a distributor servicing individual franchisees and advertising the products sold there through direct mail services and newspaper inserts. The chain comprises about 209 craft stores and 123 variety stores, the latter being akin to five and dimes. Promotions Unlimited provides similar advertising and promotional services for thousands of other retail stores unaffiliated with Ben Franklin Stores.

Retail focus

Ben Franklin Crafts stores carry creative products like needlecrafts, florals, wicker, paints, fabrics, yarn, and offer services like custom framing, craft classes, and the Ben Franklin Crafts Club.

The company logo, a key giving off a spark, refers to Franklin’s famous experiment to prove that lightning was a form of electricity using a key suspended from a kite.

How to Achieve Maximum Success with Filters

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Water Purification And Softening Facts It’s a fact that in some countries, some families are still using wells as source of their water supply. Of course, there’s really nothing wrong with having your own source of water supply. The only worry that you have to keep in mind for this method is if the water is drinkable at all. You will have to make sure that the water is clean enough before you use it for drinking. It’s a fact that wells can be contaminated which is why it is a concern to have it as a source of water supply. Testing the water from the well is the first thing that you should do in this situation. Getting professional help is also needed when it comes to checking the water on your well. Just be sure that they have the right tools to do it or you’re just wasting your time with them. Also, they need to be able to take the water sample to a laboratory for further testing. Most of the results come out as positive for contamination when it comes to well water supply. However, that doesn’t meant that you have to shut the well just because you can’t get clean water from it anymore. The reason for that is because the technology today will allow you to purify and soften the water on your well and remove the water’s contamination. Still, you should know that the contamination level of the well can vary and that means you’ll also need a different water purification and softening system. The process of purification would also require different purification systems if there are two or more kinds of contaminants that are present in the water from the well. Still, getting a who house water softening system is and ideal first step if you want to make sure that you can have drinkable water from the well. With this water purification system, you’ll be able to have soft water from hard water. Hard water basically have lime in it which can be the cause of broken appliances. You won’t have to worry about drinking chalky water. In addition to that, you’ll have an easier time doing rinsing and lathering. Still, getting the water softening system is not the only tool that you need to have the clean water supply that you want. You should also consider getting counter top water filters for your sink. It’s better to have two or more water purifier systems if you’re getting your supply from a well. Searching the online network should also let you know more about the water purifier systems that you can use.Case Study: My Experience With Resources

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Short Course on Mirrors – What You Need To Know

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Choosing Mirrors for Your Bathroom Interior design adds to the appeal and aesthetic value of any space, and makes it a more pleasing place to be in for both residents and visitors. Colors and furnitures are the main contributors to any room’s design, but furniture pieces can greatly improve a room’s functionality, especially versatile pieces that can serve as an aesthetic piece without compromising on comfort while also complementing the room’s overall design. Furnitures are also the pieces that can either complement or ruin the appeal of an interior space, which makes it a challenge for most people that have limited options with some furnitures pieces that compromises comfort over design or vice versa. One of the most challenging spaces to design is the toilet and bathroom that usually has a limited space and few furniture pieces. Typical bathrooms usually contain the basics only such as a bathtub, toilet, shower, mirror, and sink, which also often comes in few design options, making it a challenging work for many. A bathroom mirror and cabinet area often serves as highlighting pieces especially because it is usually surrounded by lights which make it stand out even more. Bathroom mirrors with storage is a common sight in many toilets, as cabinets makes it easy to tuck away toiletries and towels for those that do not want a cluttered tabletop. For people needing new mirrors for their toilet and bathrooms, there are more options today than before, with modern designs usually offering storage spaces with the mirrors to add more function to the usual tabletop that can easily look cluttered. From mirrors illuminated with different types of lights like LED, to cabinets with warmers and mirrors lined with steel and other metal pieces, hundreds of furniture suppliers today, even online, have infinite design options and functionality types to suit the varying tastes and needs of customers.
Learning The Secrets About Mirrors
Mirrors can also come in all shapes, with some suppliers even offering made to order or custom built items for clients that want specific designs. Rectangle and square mirrors are the most common shapes that can be seen in many furniture shops, but bigger supplier usually can still offer round mirrors with plenty of designs. Cabinets for bathrooms can also come with installed lights, which are very useful for spaces that need more light or have a bad lighting in the mirror and cabinet area.
Finding Similarities Between Mirrors and Life
When choosing bathroom mirrors, clients that do not have the luxury of hiring interiors designers can just browse home magazines or helpful blogs, which is common today, as there can be so much inspiration one can get from seeing finished spaces which are usually done by professional interior designs, but can provide clients with plenty of ideas without the cost.

5 Takeaways That I Learned About Professionals

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Why You Should Opt to Find the Best Flooring Contractors There will be a number of things that you will have to consider when you want to have floor installation and if you are opting to find professionals to get floors installed, then flooring contractors are what you should opt to find in the first place. There are other projects that you could do yourself but with flooring installation, the right professional should be contacted to assure that you will have the project done in the safest and in the most effective way possible. But finding the right professional for such cause will not be that easy to achieve because there will also be a number of things that you will have to consider right off the bat and below will be some of the things that you should consider when you are yearning to find flooring contractors. It really is important that you will opt to find the right flooring contractor as there should be a number of things that you could do to assure such goal, and in this article, we will be discussing about the major key points that you will have to look out for to assure that you will have the floors installed in the most effective way possible. License of the professional flooring contractor is one things that you should opt to find and consider as this right away secures that you will have the project done in the most effective way since license provides security that the professional is a qualified contractor. Having such licenses also assure that you will be working with the right professionals, making sure that they are approved by the regulating board.
On Options: My Rationale Explained
It will also be in your best interest to assure that you will be reminded on how long will you have to wait for the entire project to be completed and installed properly because each flooring contractor varies their time completion date.
Learning The “Secrets” of Contractors
Ask for recommendations from people you trust because the recommended names should right away give you a heads up, securing that you will be working with professionals who have been tested in the past. The more years they have been in the industry, the better it will be as this also should assure that they have performed a number of projects related to what you specifically need, which should make your project a done deal right off the bat.

Interesting Research on Experts – What You Didn’t Know

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Looking for The Right Pest Control Service Provider Since time immemorial, people have seen their homes as valuable possessions they could ever acquire in their lives. As much as possible, people will try to look for ways on how they can keep their homes beautiful all the time. The sad reality is that some houses will experience issues in the process no matter how hard home owners avoid these things. No matter how much people try to avoid issues to happen in their homes, pests are just uncontrollable. You have to realize that homes are not the only properties that could experience some pest problems because buildings and businesses can have them as well. Most of the destruction that residential and commercial settings will get to experiences is because of pest control problems. Since pests are bothering people a lot, they have been finding ways on how they could effectively deal with them. If your concern about solving the pest control problems that you are experiencing, you will need to call a pest control company to help you out. Because of a pest control company, people can easily address all the problems that they have to eradicate rodents and bugs that are present in their homes. You have to bear in mind that there is no way that you can fix the problems that you have with pests all by yourself. You will have to look for an experienced pest control company to address all your needs right away.
The Key Elements of Great Companies
There are many benefits that people can get by availing the services of a pest control company.
How I Became An Expert on Options
There is something about residential properties that make it a good breeding ground for various pests. Because of the presence of domestic pests, more and more people are experiencing some damage in their homes especially with their furniture. Pests will not only destroy your wooden furniture but it could also damage the electrical wires that you have at home. It is important for you to bear in mind that pests could eat your garments and contaminate the food that you have at home. You should bear in mind that pests may cause people to have serious health conditions when they are left uncontrolled. If pest problems are left unanswered, there is a possibility for people to experience so much destruction along the way with the presence of parasites and bacteria. The good news is that many companies in pest control services are willing to help company owners with their concerns. You are aware of the fact that business owners can make the right choices of pest control services that they want to avail in a company. You have to know for a fact that most companies are now having some problems with pests just like what other residential properties are experiencing. With all these things in line, getting the right pest control service provider is the best decision you have ever made.

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A Guide For Water Softeners This article will help you look for the right water softener provider. The current market has a lot of products today and that includes the water softeners. The water softener that you currently need might be hard to find if this is the situation in its current market. With that in mind, you will need to decide on some things first before you choose the water softener that you’ll be getting. The number of water softeners in the market today means that they each have their own unique properties. With all the current water softeners in the market, you need to know that some of those are for commercial purposes while some are for residential purposes. Still, you’ll be able to get the full unit that you need no matter which one you’ll have to use. If you have to check the models and units for the water softeners that are currently available in the market today, you have to make sure that you use the online network for a detailed list. Doing this will also let you check the specifications for the different models and units for the water softeners.
5 Uses For Sales
Another thing that you should know is that water softeners in the market can vary in price depending on their size. Another thing that affects the price of the water softener is the fact that its certain features can vary from unit to unit. If you want to have the best water that you can use for different purposes, then the buying a water softener is something that you should do.
What Research About Products Can Teach You
You can also try to find a water softener provider that can offer you a model that’s got many useful features. Still, you need to make sure that the water softener that you’ll buy will be the one that you need and the one that will be best for you. One other thing that you have to consider when buying a water softener is the guarantee and its warranty. Another thing that you have to keep in mind about buying a water softener is to make sure that it minimizes the usage of water n your home. The usage of water that’s for the water softener must be systematically distributed by the model. You’d also want to get a water softener that’s been tested numerous times already to prove its usefulness. In any case, water softeners can always be found in the market, but you will have to find a proper provider for it. They should focus on making the model a water conserving unit in the first place. The controls for the water softener should also be simple enough for every user to operate.

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The Uses For Artificial Grass When it comes to getting the artificial grass that you need, you will have to consider some things first. Before you get the artificial grass, you will need to take some measurements in regards to the overall area size of your lawn. After that, you will need to install a proper drainage in your lawn area. After doing that, you will not have to remove the real grass from your lawn and put the artificial grass in its place. Reading this article should you know the things that you have to do to properly install the artificial grass and maintain it. You’ll learn how to prevent weed growth in order to make the artificial grass look good as new. Sharp sand and gravel are important for the installation of the artificial grass You may also have to use treated timer stakes to make a frame where you can put the gravel and sand. Draining is the purpose of why you should use treated timbers on the lawn where you’ll be putting the artificial grass. Once the timbers are secured, the stake should be inside its perimeter. In any case, installing the artificial grass on your lawn requires other factors to be considered which is why using the internet is a good choice if you want to know more about it.
Understanding Companies
There are many kinds of artificial grass in the market today. Choosing the right artificial grass means that it should compliment your lawn significantly and make it more attractive. Tips about the proper installation of the artificial grass can also change depending on what kind of lawn do you have in regards to its size and design. Still, you want to make things easier when it comes to installing the artificial grass on your lawn, you should contact a lawn care company and see if they can help you out with it. In any case, you will have to properly lay the foundation for the artificial grass installation. Just remember that the assistance that you’ll hire from this must be complete with all the necessary equipment that’s needed for artificial grass installation. It’s also necessary that you check the service’s documents before you hire them to see if they can legally provide their service at all. If you want to save time and money, you’ll only hire a reliable service to begin with.
Why No One Talks About Services Anymore
Another thing that you should know about such services is that they can provide the maintenance that your artificial grass needs every now and then. They should also be able to check if weeds are starting to grow and remove them before they spread.

The Beginner’s Guide to Sales

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What Factors to Consider When Selecting Dependable Baby Monitor What do you think are the reasons why there are lots of parents out there who decide to buy baby monitors? We cannot deny the fact that parents want their children to be healthy and in prime condition always. Should you be a new parent and you intend to keep your babies safe always, then baby monitors are suitable for you. Are you aware of what these products are and how you can benefit from its use? Should you be a new parent and you want to know more about baby monitors, then continue reading this article. Attributes of Baby Monitors When we talk of baby monitors, we refer to a special type of gadget used in monitoring the baby. It gives parents the ability to keep track of their babies always, especially when the babies are placed in another room. Actually, this device is advantageous for parents simply because they can keep track and can monitor their babies while carrying out some household chores and activities.
Lessons Learned from Years with Gear
This particular gadget composes of transmitters and receivers. The transmitters are placed or installed near babies while the receivers are kept by parents. The sounds carried out by babies are transmitted via the transmitters and these are received by parents through the receivers. These receivers are the ones that keep parents alert of the diverse needs of their babies. There are also baby monitors with installed video monitors so parents can see how their babies are doing inside their rooms, cribs or playpens. Should you be planning to purchase this device in the coming days, then it is suggested that you become familiar with the different types of baby monitors sold in stores. When you know the different kinds of baby monitors sold in stores, it would not be hard for you to decide which one to purchase.
Why No One Talks About Monitors Anymore
Different Baby Monitor Kinds 1. Audio monitor is one of the diverse kinds of baby monitors sold in stores. It composes of a receiver, transmitter as well as visual monitor. 2. Breathing monitor is another kind of baby monitor sold in stores. Well, this device is used signals to transmitted the breathing patterns of babies to your receivers. The breathing pattern of babies can indicate how your babies are feeling and these include their distress and suffering. With these units, you will be alerted on their condition so you can immediately respond to their needs. 3. Audio baby monitor is the last type of baby monitor showcased in stores. With this device, you can easily hear the baby talks, activities and the cries of your babies inside their rooms or the cribs. Regardless of the kind of baby monitor that you decide to purchase, you are advised to consider only those which are of good quality and which are created by reliable, established and licensed companies.

Discovering The Truth About Services

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A Guide to Home Remodeling One of the best ways to improve the value of any house and give it an up to date look is through the means of home remodeling. Practically there are two reasons as to why a home owner will resort to home remodeling, the first one being that the house itself needs remodeling and the other one is the desire of the home owner to remodel the house. It doesn’t matter whatever reason is there behind the Home Remodeling what matters is that you can get your hands on several tips that will allow you to save money and time as you go about remodeling your home. Before engaging in any Home Remodeling procedure you should consider the following tips to help you do a successful Home Remodeling. Start Remodeling on the location of the water: This by far is one of the most classic tips that you can come up with whenever deciding to have a Home Remodeling. This literally means that home remodeling should begin in your kitchen and bathrooms. One of the best way to spend the remodeling money is to begin the remodeling in either your kitchen or your bathroom which in turn will bring out the greatest value of your home.
Short Course on Remodels – What You Should Know
Installing Crown Times: This is one of the best remodeling procedure that you can do, it is practically easy and you can do it by installing crown moldings all over the house through the help of a reliable Builder or if you want you can even do it yourself if you know the process on how to do it. This will give the room an enhanced appearance that will make them seem larger than their actual size.
Learning The “Secrets” of Services
Home face lift: one of the best way to instantly improve the appearance of your home is by painting the outside part of the home. A new paint job on your house would be a big difference even if its just on the outside since this will practically improve its look. In painting your house you should use only paints of the highest quality so that the overall paint job would be a perfect one for your house. Though saving your current budget can be done by purchasing the cheapest paint in the market to be used in the paint job, this is not a wise decision since in the long run, you may need to do a repaint in just a small amount of time or end up having the same dull look on your house. High-quality paints means long lasting effect of the paint job done on your home so that the beautiful appearance of your home will last longer. Saving a little amount of paint that’s left from the paint job that you just did will allow you to have an available paint whenever a few touch ups are needed. This will help you save money in the future

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Fixing the Sewer Line When the sewer line has some problems, one has to consider talking with a professional plumber. There are a long list of services that can be delivered by a competent plumber. Replacing the sewer line is one of the core mandates of a plumber. To clean the sewer line, one has to talk with a plumber. Failure to clean the sewer line on a regular basis will cause regular blockages. For homeowners that wish to repair their sewer lines properly, hiring a plumber is the right decision to take. A professional plumber will be crucial when a sewer line is broker. When the sewer line breaks, there might be numerous culprits. For instance, when there is a frozen ground, the sewer is likely to break. One of the major reasons that cause the collapse of the sewer line is the shifting of the soil. The skills of the plumber should be sought when the pipe used for the sewer line corrodes. The pipe is likely to deteriorate constantly when there is corrosion. There are numerous instances when the sewer line has collapsed due to the corrosion. To remedy the leaking joints in the sewer line, one should consider hiring a plumber. When the seals between the pipes break, the water is likely to escape to the surrounding environment. When replacing the sewer line, the home owner should avoid using the traditional strategies. The beauty of the compound is likely to be disrupted when conventional approaches are used.
Learning The “Secrets” of Experts
The conventional method of repairing the sewer line will affect landscaping in a negative way. For the sewer line to be fixed properly, the garage of the compound might be dug up. By dredging the driveways of the compound, the homeowner will be left counting his losses. However, there is hope for homeowners who are seeking to repair their sewer line. By using a trench-less sewer line, the beauty of the compound of the client will be maintained. Indeed, the trench-less sewer line approaches are becoming popular among many homeowners across the country. Using the trench-less approach is very beneficial. First and foremost, the home owner will end up saving a lot of money.
Getting To The Point – Companies
The appearance of the compound will not be compromised by using the trenchless system. One of the major steps that a person can make to prevent the sewer line from bursting is hiring a competent plumber. There are numerous things which might cause a sewer line to burst. When the sewer line is not maintained on a regular basis, it will burst. When food particles build up on the sewer line, it is likely to burst. The bursting can also arise when there are many sanitary products that build up on the pipe.

The Beginner’s Guide to Satellites

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Everything That You Need to Know about Satellite Television The satellite television will use signals to transmit television. The satellite will help in providing a good service in televisions. Satellite television was first established during the early 1990’s. In the year 1990, satellite television are really big and expensive. Most early subscribers are the owners of restaurants, bars and hotels. The satellites today are smaller and is lighter so you could easily mount them on the roof or at the side of your house. Satellite television users gets their programming through a direct broadcast provider. The broadcast provider will give subscribers program channel lineups. They offer these in special packages. There are a lot of channels to choose from. Digital signals are used by satellites to transmit televisions. High quality picture and sound are offered by digital signals. Ku frequency range from 11.7 GHz to 14.5 GHz and this is used by digital satellite. A digital satellite television company will broadcast the programs from one location. Companies who purchased is qualified to make use of the channels and programs that are from programming providers. The programming providers broadcasts their channels and programs to satellite company with the use of satellite signal. When satellite companies receives their programming content they will now transmit it to their subscribers satellites with the use of signals. The signals will be sent over in airwaves and are picked up by the satellite dish. The signals will be sent in a scrambled mode and must be processed through a receiver for subscribers to review the programs.
Case Study: My Experience With Entertainment
Satellite televisions has its benefits. They send signals in the air so they could lessen the chance of having wiring problems. The good thing about the satellite dishes today is that it is smaller and can be easily attached in houses. The installer will find the best place to put the satellite dish and secure it to the house. Once a satellite dish is attached in a part of your house, you do not need to turn it around in order for you to receive a good signal. The right signal location is found at the time of installation and there are no further adjustments.
The Ultimate Guide to Satellites
Consumers have a lot of options in picking out a satellite television service. It is amazing since you could choose from a lot of channels. Satellite television providers offers packages, so that subscribers could pick channels that they would like to watch. During the last several years there have been improvement in home viewing. Some satellite home receivers offer DVR service. DVR or digital video recorders allows subscribers to record programming, schedule recording and even watch two programs at once.